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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I'm waiting for daylight, so I can ride to work.

It must've rained last night, 'cause the roads are totally wet right now. Yesterday had wet roads in the morn. In the afternoon, it was dry, but it drizzled on the way home. I've never fallen on my motorized bicycle in wet weather.....yet.

Just for grins, I think I'll ride slowly to work on the sidewalks this morning. It'll take longer to commute, but it'll be safer.

One of the bosses told me I was brave to ride to work every day. "Foolhardy maybe", I replied. "No, brave" she replied.

I save about $5,000 a year by replacing one of my vehicles with a motorized bike. I'm also spared the aggravation of looking for parking on crowded streets, walking in the rain to my car, washing off the bird poop, etc. I get to park for free in the parking structure, while car owners pay $100-something monthly fees or $40 DAILY fees. It's in a bike rack in a covered spot on the fourth floor. It's totally safe and I use a cable to secure my front tire and a FUGGETABOUTIT motorcycle chain for the frame and rear tire. I leave the chain and cable on the rack, so I don't have to carry its 15lbs with me on the bike. In a 4-story building filled with hundreds of working people, I am the ONLY bicyclist.

That's so freaking sad! Everyone is totally dependent on their 4-wheeled cager. There are almost three hundred vehicles in this building, but only one bicycle, one moped and two motorcycles!

The majority of island people are either afraid of riding bicycles in traffic or simply totally dependent on their cars. The ones who can't afford to own a vehicle depend on the bus. I slowly pedal on the grass, past a main bus stop on the way to work. I can sense their urgent dependency, waiting for the bus.

There is such a feeling of freedom and independence in riding a motorized bicycle! I am very surprised that more frustrated commuters don't build and ride MB's. The TV channels show the congested traffic in morning and afternoon rush hour traffic. Over 100,000 vehicles on not-so-many roads on this island.

I tightened up and cleaned my new windshield, also adjusted my brakes and wiped down my MB.

I am anxiously awaiting daylight!
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