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Default Re: Hi all NEED Help I Just Dont Get It

Originally Posted by leroy1128 View Post
Hi Ron, after trying the cdi and magneto specs of your link. I see that both my cdi and magneto needs to be replaced.. Are there any any good replacement places for those parts? I bought my last defective parts from Lynn at anyone close to the jacksonville area? Thanks again for you guys help>>> Hopefully I'll b riding soon
Buying one from any vendors or off of Ebay is really a crap shot. That is unless you want to spend $50.00 and up. All these parts that you see from vendors and on Ebay are the same Chinese junk and they don't have any control as how they are made. Now after that said, I've only run into 1 defective magneto, and it showed it's ugly head 3 days after instillation. Try to buy from someone that will stand behind the parts longer then getting it to the door. My experience, these along with others won't...BGF and luckyearlybird. Quality stock parts... well that's a JOKE. If you plan on riding for some time, may I suggest buying 2 of each, that way you have spares. I find that if I have a spare, my original lasts :>) and spares gather dust in my garage :>( , but you can sell either one here without any problem.
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