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Default Re: Warning to All! - Everyone look at this!

Well guys, certainly we're all on our own with these kits and we're so blessed to have forums like this one we can come to and report our experiences.

My thoughts for a heads up thread could take us from reacting to acting on recurring problems that may only show up in certain series of motors. Questionable mounting studs, siezing pistons, inadequate chain tensioners, carb design problems, and you name it, a heads up is all that's necessary to make the report. Anyone experiencing the same can add a simple "me too" and perhaps some good close ups like Airbuzz suggest with a description.

Anytime we go out on our bikes we face the possiblity of adversity as well as an enjoyable ride. By using our heads collectively we can pare down those odds to favor our safety. Each time we go out people see us and say "I want one" and our numbers grow, then after they get one they want to tweek it for more power and speed, and begin to use it more and more for commuting and grocery getting etc. Those who can produce aftermarket products and make money doing it can and will. The envelope will be pushed. If anything can fail in this range of use it's just Murphy's Law and we ought to be prepared.

So if we keep an eye on safety and current devlopments with these motors
it will serve us all from China on down to the grand kid we would buy one for. We simply have to operate and maintain these using our good sense & realizing what they are as well as what they offer in fuel economy, fun, and pleasure riding. (which is the principle reason these will gain greater popularity)

Those of us who have been around aviation have heard the old saying aviation instructors share with student pilots.

"There are old pilots and there are bold pilots.......but there are no old bold pilots". (that can apply to flying into bad weather conditions, flying dangerously to impress those on the ground, or flying beyond required inspection intervals assuming everything will always be OK to just hop in and go)
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