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Default Re: New Build... Need ideas

Originally Posted by UriDead View Post
Nice video that demonstrates where and how NOT to ride a motorized bicycle IMO. It just goes against all logic and any law I know of making thing harder for the rest of us in this hobby.

Sorry but I had to comment on the observation.
Pretty sure if he was riding on the right side of the road it'd be far harder to film right

Also, 'm considering a predator build as well, but the AGK jackshaft is a bit expensive for being a jackshaft. Personally trying a rack mount on a heavier duty mountain bike - will report back if it works out, but the rack itself so far has been around $30-50 in steel and $15 in tools.

Also, people on some minibike forum have said that the Predator's shaft is just a smidge bigger than 5/8" (16mm or something). May need to take some sandpaper to it or something while it's running to fit a 5/8" clutch, dunno.

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