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Default Re: Things I Hate About Riding My MB

Wow, some of you go to great lengths to retaliate against cagers.

I've THOUGHT about what you guys suggest, but I'd never do it. The thought of hurting an innocent bystander comes to mine. Besides, if the police figured out what I had done, I'd be body slammed onto the asphalt, then charged with assault with a concealed weapon and/or criminal mischief.

And of course, they'd haul me away and leave my bike there for someone to steal. And my kids would look upon me as some sort of criminal.

AND my wife would not bail me out.

Lame as it might seem, I'd just make a police report about vehicular harrassment.

Altho once when I was pedalling my regular bike in a bike lane, a tour bus was WAYYY into my lane up front at the stop light. As I passed the bus, I pounded on its side, for the length of it. Luckily, I took the next right and the bus went straight ahead.

He and his busload of passengers got the hint..
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