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Default Re: Things I Hate About Riding My MB

It drives me nuts when some cager sits on my back left corner, pacing me. I feel crowded (usually am). The worst for this is when going into one curve I deal with daily. They could cut it tighter and pass me, but instead they crowd me until I'm almost against the curb. I'd like to wave 'em past, but under those circumstances I usually have both hands busy (I grab the clutch going into the curve while braking a little, coast through the middle third, accelerate out of the last third).

The other big peeve is when someone blocks the bike lane coming off the bridge. Traffic backs up there frequently. If I can squeeze past in the bike lane they get a blast off the AirZound and sometimes a kick in the bodywork (steel toe runners are great). If they pinch me/crowd me there, I'll lean left and drag my handlebar down the side of the vehicle, lovely scratches and gouges in their paintwork. If they block the bike lane completely, I (carefully) go around the left side of them, then stop in front of them and take my own sweet time when the light changes before I get up to speed. When one started giving me crap, I told him, "You stay out of my lane, and I won't have to be in yours."


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