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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by 2239968 View Post
Received a fun package today. One step closer on my build. [/end quote]

Love it! Puppys make the best inspectors. (and buddies)

If they had thumbs, could put 'em to work. Just say'n
If they had thumbs they would be monkeys who throw poop when annoyed instead of just sulking like a dog
Dogs is dogs and perfect as such.
If I could change anything about them ... maybe make them live longer? I have lost dear friends to Time.

On my motorbike today:
I rode through a flood.
We have had record breaking rainfall in Maryland this fall and 1st I got to ride through water about 14-16 inches high.
I cut the engine, pedaled through it and restarted as soon as I was on the other side. two soaked feet: 45 degrees F.
Then I came to a stretch of road where the nice little river that runs beside the road decided to cross the road.
I dismounted and pushed my motorized bicycle through knee high water. A car was at the far end I waved them off and they turned the frack around. I restarted on the far side and kept going.
On the main road (Route 1: "Baltimore Avenue") the MD DOT was nice enough to provide a detour.
I'm pretty sure I could have made it through... Whatever.

One more example of why our hybrid vehicles are the most adaptable things on the road.
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