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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Got to ride in 7 degree weather. The little Morini on my BoXer just loves this cold dense air. Runs like a violated Ape!

My said rear tube after the the nasty hard core impalement's. The small nails over the summer , Pyracantha Thorns , shared of wire , Goat Stickers etc at 5000 miles finally bit its last impalement. I was kinda re-leaved as it was a experimental tube that was just a tad too small for a 24X3.0 tire. This was the tube I reused into a new tire lol. The sides had become pretty chafed..

Friggen dry wall screw by the time I figured it it out it was too late it had a hey day pocking at the rim side. After about 5 dollars in change at gas air stations I made it home. I had a freaken lot of slime in the tube . About 12 ounces or so mebbe more.

Over the summer I added a little with every hard core impalement I found. I absolutely hate patch kits! I don't own any and never will. If I gotta I'd just carry a spare tube. I never ever do..

It never did reseal this time time. I never walked the dog ether. ''Walked the bike'' Was sitting at the light when I figured it out and my first gas station was on my immediate right side. Thank goodness for a very fast Morini. 9 miles across town I road all the way obnoxious and hard lol. . First rim shot I ''ever'' had and road more tho. Usually it is flat out over at that point. Was money well spent...

Gotta have a tire liner made of solid sheet metal to survive these stickers here. They are absolutely brutal.. This is why I use what I use as no tire liner for a bike tire is solid sheet metal lol. Hella thick tubes are mandatory.

My new Boxer frame came in this week. Still need to acquire some more parts. I hate hurry up and wait. The Radiator looks trick as all get go. Can't wait to try my first liquid Kewled Morini. I got's some new tricks for this bike . Its gonna be very quick!
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