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Question Hydroforming a fuel tank

Has anyone tried it?

It would be tougher to make a fuel tank that had to fit a certain spot, like between 2 toptubes, but it doesn't seem that hard to do, and could be made from 2 pieces of material rather than multi pieces. If done with thicker sheet material it could actually be welded in "as" the toptube.

For something like a fuel tank there are no small concave corners and its more like a balloon shape. plus the fuel outlet could be used as a filler for the hydro fluid.

I have also seen it done for 2 stroke exhaust systems.

Another concept is to fill the material sandwich with water then freeze it, thaw it, add more water, freeze it again and so on till the desired shape was achieved. I have done this with a dented motorcycle exhaust and it worked great!

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