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Default Re: Hi all NEED Help I Just Dont Get It

[QUOTE=2door;348787]It needs three things to run: Fuel, air and ignition (spark).

Is fuel flowing to the carburetor? Yes

Is the choke open? Yes for start up then i pull down when hot

Is the spark plug firing? No, I dont get spark when I lay cap on the engine and pop clutch

I've tried this so far:To check if you are receiving power to the spark plug, follow these simple steps.
1. Remove the spark plug from the cylinder head.
2. Re-attach the spark plug to the spark plug cap.
3. Lay the spark plug on the cylinder head so that the metal of the plug is touching any metal portion of the cylinder head. DO NOT HOLD THE SPARK PLUG OR BOOT BY HAND.
4. With the clutch out, push the bike forward or turn the rear wheel. A bright spark should be visible.
If no spark is visible:
Double check the connection of the wires, particularly the blue to blue and black to black.
Check that no particles are lodged between the side and center electrodes of the spark plug.
Try replacing the spark plug or cleaning it by running sand paper through the side and center electrodes and resetting the gap to 0.038".
Re-test for spark with the kill switch pressed in. Try feathering the kill switch. Disconnect the white wire completely allowing the wire to hang free, then re-test the engine.
Magneto Testing - Take a voltmeter or multimeter and adjust it to the Ohms setting at 20k. Ohms measures the resistance across a circuit. Check voltmeter across the following wires:
o Blue wire to the White wire of the magneto. The resistance should be 0.25 to 0.40. New magnetos read 0.31.
o White wire to Black wire should read 0.0.
o Blue wire to Black wire should read close to 0.31.
If your reading is far off from this, then the magneto is to blame for bad spark.
CDI Testing - Run the voltmeter at the same 20k setting. Check voltmeter across the following wires:
o From the inside of the spark plug boot to the Black wire of the CDI. Your reading should measure 2.0 - 2.7. A new CDI will read 2.3.

My cdi and magneto meets specs. Is there any timing gadgets on these 2 stroke engines?
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