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Default Re: I don't know how you guys do it

As the topic itself had slid into generalizations, as I felt my personal opinion would be easily misconstrued without a broader context - yes, I took the liberty of expanding on points made, not limited to or even directly addressing any one individual, but instead the subject itself, it's overall implications as I see them.

To clarify, "snide" is a perhaps judgmental reference to the statement sometimes made by more than one individual, the dismissive "get a motorcycle" that often lacks further explanation & by "bicyclists" I of course did not mean to infer all of them, or even a majority - but simply of those few people with an outspoken, negative opinion regarding motorized bicycling that I have encountered. Aside from those few - I have yet to experience any negativity or hostility whatsoever, certainly not from the average law enforcement officer or the public at large - whom range from indifferent, to curious, even fascinated & enthusiastic.
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