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Default Re: I don't know how you guys do it

I had hopes it was acceptable within site guidelines for anyone to own a proprietary opinion, and when using 'IMO' would be thus understood:

Originally Posted by 2door
As far as having patients with new builders, I have to hold my tongue often when I see, "I want to go fast" or "I need to keep up with traffic". My immediate inclination is to answer with a snide, "Buy a motorcycle". In fact, in some earlier days I did just that but in their wisdom a couple of members pointed out that, as Barley Awake said, I was stifling creativity.
On balance I agree with most of what you said Tom, but frankly the bit about 'stifling creativity' is suspect in this context. It all too easily is abused and can end up being just a code phrase for attempting to exploit the loopholes and ride the coat tail of what we'd hope is a reasonable and legitimate mode of transport into something else, putting it all at risk.

IMO, if someone wants the performance of a small motorcycle they are at liberty to enjoy the un-stifled creativity of building a motorcycle to their hearts content.
Worth noting is the actual reference to context, IE: "I want to go fast.... I need to keep up with traffic" scenario mentioned. I would hope that sufficient context to allow one to comment, one comment at a time, since "full context" is somewhat ambiguous and beyond immediate purview. If there is anything that might be referred to as "snide" there, I'd like to see it pointed out so I can add it to my understanding of the word.

We all are limited to our experience in some degree, however extensive or parochial it may be, the world is larger than oneself or limiting circle we might travel. If one concludes bicyclists are the main threat to MABs I don't really know what to say to that. It seems highly risible and not certainly not part of my experience. There are 60 million bicyclists of various levels of enthusiasm in the US and, since making random assumptions were brought up and made again widely in turn, it appears highly ambitious to know what all of them might be thinking. One thing for sure about that number though is much of it, like the nation in general, is an aging population and from my contacts, observations and acquaintances, a sizable segment are showing interest. I happen to think it well worth considering that for an aging demographic, a well conceived platform of assist, presented right, might be viewed as a favorable way to keep oneself out there and active and many more would be interested. At the very least, it might seem a tad myopic on a number of accounts to be dismissive of the whole of 60 million people who already swing a leg over a bicycle saddle.

At any rate, I take it as obvious that most don't need someone to point out there's a difference between not liking something and seeing where certain behavior can in fact effect how they are regulated upon. Everyday living is rife with it but a poignant example might be laws affecting firearms.

It's up to each to decide if and where aberrant behavior of others becomes a drag on their own state of well being. That is something I care about a lot

The upshot for me is, if a MABs chief function is that of a toy or novelty, something which annoys people, or to be not much more than fake motorcycles skirting the law, they run the risks of being received about as well as ATVs, at best regulated to an increasing degree RE: mopeds in the 1970's, at worst including right up to out of existence, or severely restricted to use on private land or designated outback areas.

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