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Default Re: Warning to All! - Everyone look at this!

>>I think after a day's reading on this forum, you should walk away with the idea that the STUDS need to be replaced with the highest quality you can get. best would be to get some grade 8 bolts and cut the heads off. We all (mostly) know this. Have I done it yet? No. Will I? Absolutely.<<

Why stop there? You're going to replace something with something of higher quality, even though you haven't yet had a problem with it. The rest of the thing is of no higher quality than those mounting bolts. If I compromised the integrity of the frame by drilling through it to mount the engine, I was given good reason to think that wouldn't be a problem. The kit included a mounting adapter for oversized frames which could only be used by drilling through the frame. I do agree that 30mph on a cheap bicycle is asking for trouble though. Regardless of the quality of the kit, the whole rest of the bike isn't meant to do that. Stll, that's the first question I always get. "How fast will it go?"
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