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Default Re: I don't know how you guys do it

I totally agree with you greg .
I once was new on a job ... asked a guy ( hey .. i got a stupid question .)
the guy said .. " theres no such thing as a stupid question ... as long as i don,t have to tell you the same answer three times . "

Like i said before ... i don't mind at all helping someone . If someone doesn't know ... its as simple as that ... they don,t know ... so ask . ( i don,t have a problem with that at all . ) Its when it starts too become rediculous , or pointless to re-explain something .
or sometimes i read a question and think ( are you serious .... you must be just bored and messing with people for something to do ) .

My intent on this thread was not to knock people for asking questions ... i still ask lots of questions .
It was simply to give thanks to the people here , that have always been there for others , and have the patience to to help those that just need a little more help .

I don,t want to discourage anyone from trying something new , but at the same time its hard to find a happy medium between helping someone , or , helping someone get themselves hurt real bad .

I was a kid once too ... fearless and stupid ... but i,m older now , and still just as stupid , but I got bills to pay . ( and broken limbs don,t work well in the bills to pay equation )
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