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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by frozenveinz View Post
Nice engine there 2239968, what you gonna put it on? Anyway, today I gave my bike a complete tuneup. Cleaned the carb, adjusted cables, cleaned/greased chain, cleaned/greased clutch gears, cleaned/greased pedal chain, adjusted clutch, put cardboard in the clutch cover, glued mousepad to outside of clutch cover, mixed gas, filled tank, steel wooled any rust i found on anything, etcetc. Hopefully my morning test drive shall yield smoother, quieter, and maybe even stronger operation.

Pics: Tune Up pictures by frozenveinz - Photobucket
It will go on a boxer mountain frame first. Then once spring comes around it will go on one of Dan Orabona's Board Tracker frames.
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