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Default Re: I don't know how you guys do it

We've veered a bit off-topic from the OP's intent but that's what discussions do sometimes.

As far as having patients with new builders, I have to hold my tongue often when I see, "I want to go fast" or "I need to keep up with traffic". My immediate inclination is to answer with a snide, "Buy a motorcycle". In fact, in some earlier days I did just that but in their wisdom a couple of members pointed out that, as Barley Awake said, I was stifling creativity.

I still maintain that in spite of the need for some to push the envelope when it comes to performance, what we're riding will remain bicycles. They have bike wheels, spokes, bearings and brakes. The frames and in fact the total design of our creations are and will always be, bicycles.

You will see many states have speed limits attached to whatever other restrictions they have on motor assisted bikes. Most are in the 20mph range. The law makers didn't sit back and say, "How can we keep these guys from having fun?" What they did was legislate against excessive speeds being attained on a vehicle that was not meant to "keep up with traffic". They set, in most cases, limits designed around the capabilities of the vehicle.

I'm fully cognizant that there is an age, a generational issue thing here too. Most of the older members here can easily say, "Been there, did that, got the trohies, t shirts and sometimes the scars to prove it. We've pushed the limits in our youth and have reached an age where we can sit back as see the potentials for disaster that were never realized in our younger days. When young, you're invulnerable, you're Superman and can stop a speeding bullet. We older guys know what can happen and usually avoid, and in a lot of cases warn against actions that we know can and often do cause great physical harm.
A motorized bicycle can hurt you. Disregard for traffic laws/speeds, reckless riding and youthful indifference for the potential for injury can come back and bite you in the rear. Which is the reason that I no longer enter into conversaions regarding the raising of performance levels. I've decided instead of advancing arguments regarding speed, I'll simply ignore them.

When it comes to helping new members overcome the issues that all of us have experienced, I'll offer up some tid-bits of information and even try via PMs to help. My frustrations come from the ones who will not take the time to do even a little research before asking a question that has been asked and answered countless times. Often instead of posting advice I'll offer links to pages of information that with only a little effort and reading will answer the question several times over and give options as well.

Nuff said.
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