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Default Re: I don't know how you guys do it

In the world of motorized bicycling I like to consider myself both a commuter and a builder, which while related ofc - are not inherently intrinsic.

As a motorized bicycle commuter, a year-round daily driver - my priorities are simplicity and efficiency, reliability and rideability, a practical, safe machine that gets me where I'm going with a minimum of fuss. This is for many all motorized bicycling should be and I respect that, how could I not as I do the same myself?

As a builder however, I can place no limitation on creativity, there is no dream or aspiration too outlandish to be considered, no thought or question without merit regardless of experience for this is how we learn - by striving for a goal that seems unreachable we achieve knowledge. As such I cannot begrudge those that would try something I would not do, how could I as I do what others would not?

No any one thing is "right" for anyone but yourself, no question that shouldn't be asked, no solution all encompassing. Experience is relative, expertise a comparative term only. By considering questions and ideas we would not ask of ourselves we are granted the opportunity to learn something new. I have nothing but the deepest respect for those that would dare to ask, those that would admit their ignorance in the quest for knowledge, for these are those that would learn.

I would warn of danger, but I would never dream of stifling creativity. There is no question without value, but many an answer that is.
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