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Default Re: Warning to All! - Everyone look at this!

Originally Posted by filestyle1 View Post
how did you feel before the studs broke? when you was riding 30mph , were you enjoying yourself and your bike? I noticed you dont have any pedals but you have pegs; why? "the moment you live , you live for the moment" repair your chengine and get back on your horse instead of shooting it!
Was I enjoying myself? Yes, I was. I understand, "You pays your money, you takes your chances", but there is a basic difference between something your life depends on, and other stuff. It's not like I bought a cheap quality Chinese made television for half the price of every other brand and now I'm hopping mad because it broke. The TV breaking down would not be endangering life and limb.
I removed the pedals because they serve so little purpose, that considering the additional weight and maintainance, they aren't worth keeping. Think about it. Everyone here says that the engine is powerful enough to take them up any hill they encounter, without the need for pedaling. Then, the only purpose they serve is starting the engine. I realized after a while, that 90% of the building and maintainance problems I was having involved chains and sprockets. You'll notice in the photos that there is no chain tensioner. That's not because it fell off along with the engine. It isn't necessary with only one chain. You can adjust the tension just fine without it, if that's the only chain. So, consider that you have removed the tensioner, a chain, pedals, crankset, lever, cable, and shifting mechanism, and you see that you have made the whole thing lighter, simpler, and a heck of a lot easier to maintain. I've been starting the bike just by rolling it along, jumping on, and popping the clutch lever; no problem.
I agree that these things should be consider nothing more than bicycles, with helper motors for hills. However, everyone who inquires about them has the same first question; how fast will it go. If I tell them that it isn't meant to go any faster than they could pedal the bike anyway, I'm not likely to sell many of them.
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