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Default R,i,p, nellybelle

It has been a couple months since I visited you guys.

During that time I traded skull-paint with concrete a 00.05 miles per hour ;>) when a lady with a baby carriage drove me off pavement

Broke a collarbone and became generally snake-bit about riding.

Started parting out Nellybelle for bike with better brakes and gears

-saved the springer till I can get a wheel for front disk brake
-Saved the Kevlar rear tire and new Hi-Stop coaster brake wheel I got from Lynn [CustomMotorized bikes] for the Tandem frame truck bike I am building down the road which will need a 50 CC engine to haul groceries.

Made a trial trip to the grocery on New Schwinn Panther, and the chain made gnashed-teeth-sounds and it is six inches too long (original Chinee-chain stretched a year) gotta get a GOOD chain. Herr's nellybelle II on a Schwinn Panther:

Nice to have gears and front and rear calipers. Coaster brake wheel and kevlar tire will go on the truck bike. When I find a 5 speed wheel, I can put the spring fork back on and install Lynn Rietze's front disc brake adapter to fork.

Starting difficulties on old bike that suddenly appeared because green ground wire was unscrewing from frame.

Cool weather, I can ride more. (New helmet)


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