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Default I don't know how you guys do it

I am in no way an expert on motorized bicycle . But if i think i might be able to help someone with a question , I try to help .

Some peoples questions might sound rediculous , but if you don,t know ... you don,t know .

The first time my kids seen a single speed coaster brake ( thet were 18 and 14 years old ) and they couldn,t understand how to stop the bike without a handbrake .... Is it thier fault ? No ... they never seen one before would they know .

OK is my problem ( especially in the last few days )
Some very oddball questions from NEW members ( who sound like they have a bit of mechanical experience ) Almost seems like they are just messing around .

I really have to hand it to those of you who can repeatedly deal with stuff like that , and some of you have been doing it for years in here .
Its people like you that make this a great site .

But i gotta draw the line somewhere . I try to stick with the philosophy that , if I don,t have something good to say , then don,t say anything . But its driving me nuts when theres a question ( thats odviously from a kid ) who is trying to figure out how to put a 200cc engine on a bike with just a coaster brake , and a 20 tooth sprocket ... but can't figure out how to get the chain on .

Sorry ... can't do it any more ... not even gonna atempt to answer stupid questions anymore ... because its iether 1 of 2 things
1... someone getting thier rocks off asking dumb questions .
2... a kid who's gonna end up killing themselves

Hey man ... iv'e seen some pretty impressive work from some kids on the site ... but they also have some practical knowledge and in most cases an adult to help them learn some basics

There are some really amazing bikes on this site ( like looking under a christmas tree for a kid ) .... 50mph ... i want one too

SO ... once again .. to those who have the patience to keep helping people ... my hat goes off to you . It is you that makes this site the great place that it is

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