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Default Re: Chain ripped apart? no idea why

Originally Posted by Nashville Kat View Post
A chain can break if you split it and don't get the center pin all the way back through the outside plate- the plate can then get bent out and catch on something

Master links are convenient and fairly reliable but I won't use one on a motor chain because they can come apart there- and I've had it happen.

It's possible a plate can just break I guess but I'd bet it was some other reason that cause it to besides just stress.

as i said in the other thread- CHAINS STRETCH- that's probably why you first noticed your loose chain- the are like guitar strings,- a restrung guitar needs constant tuning at first

and most of the stretch comes in the first mileage, with stretching decreasing after awhile.
ANSI chains are pre-stressed/pre-stretched, so the majority of the stretch has happened before you get the chain (first mileage). Probably why I never noticed my chain tension changing, cause the factory stressed the **** out of the chain with a lot more force than I can put on it with my bike....
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