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Default Finally I think I found The info

Well I just did a big writ up on my side of things and what went on with the 55ccer kits from Livefast.. and how I ordered one my order had some mix up not even thier fault... now Im getting an upgraded LiveFastMotors 60CC'er kit.

Any one want to know about the Red Tagged Engines Its Yd Manu And Distributer. They were held for wait of payement when the 9 hole problem became evident.
These were kits they use there in CHINA and Exported to Dealers over here. Well they were all boxed up and I beleive one of the main Engineers for this manufacturer moved and started his own Manufacturer also the original HT Engine cast Engineer was the owner of one or both of the first 2 Exporters and actually used the Russian Engine as his ProtoType. as I was told. These Red Taggers are going to be worth it if you get one just like the rest of them but to me this is a Nostalgia because I beleive the RED TAGGED Engines were Manufactured before the Inventionist Engineer/ Owner was killed in a car wreck on his way to one of his factories. Please pm me if Im mistaken

I built a BoyGoFast 69.7 CC'er and went through every terrain and weather(3 Magnetos later) It has been there for my Son and I.I have put pretnear 4000+ miles on it in 11 months I've had it.

I built a CranBruiser for A friend.

I have just ordered that kit from livefastmotors and am awaiting its arrival. I appreciated Jims Generossity it was'nt expected to receive a 100 dollar upgrade kit.

Well I,m Hot Dog Piggy Tails and Thank you. 23 yrs motorcycle riding repair and maintenance. Oh I have port timed my intake and Exhaust Its a Monster(The Bgf)

Oh I actually have been helped before the Intro but it was a PM. Thanks

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