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Default Re: How Do I Install An Oil Dispenser Inside A Gas Tank

I will use my existing 18oz fuel bottle in the cage to hold 16 oz. of Opti-2 oil.

I bought a pump similar to this:

This pump is part of a Brunton camping stove. It screws directly into my fuel bottle. When connected with a hose to my custom oil dispenser, I simply pump 1 oz of Opti-2 from the fuel bottle to the measured/marked dispenser. Then by opening the dispenser's bottom valve, Opti-2 quickly enters the Happy Time 4-liter tank.

And of course, the oil dispenser still becomes a sight gauge/fuel level indicator when both oil control valves are open.

If the pump can suck at least 12 ounces outa this 18oz bottle, I will not need to refill it for three months of daily commuting to work!

I measure and add oil to my 4-liter fuel tank every 7-8 days.

In other words, my hands will not touch any oil for three months!

Will it work?

I KNOW the oil dispenser/fuel level indicator will work. I'm not positive that the Brunton fuel pump will be able to suck up the Opti-2 from the bottle and push it into my oil dispenser.

The dispenser's top valve SHOULD be able to carefully control the amount of oil feeding from the 24" hose.

Unsure how much clearance the pump handle needs. There's 4.5" from the top of the fuel bottle to the bottom of the bike frame's top tube. If I need more room, I can cut the bottom out of the cage and gain 1.5".
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