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Default Re: Warning to All! - Everyone look at this!

[QUOTE=eDJ;34768]Admins, considering the nature of machinery, from the supply soruce to manufacturer to the end users perhaps we should have a thread here for posting heads up's............

Interesting reflection. I would also add that from my own personal perspective, these "toys" of ours are after all BICYCLES. I read alot of posts referencing how fast you can go or how "fast i got it up to"... I only want to enjoy the "novelty" of not having to pedal all the time, and go about 15 or 20 mph, and I don't think these things have any place in regular traffic on MAIN roads....I also believe that the installation should be structurally viable and sound, in other words if it don't look right (strong enough) it ain't ...... Don't try to make a motorcycle out of it and run with the big dogs, it is after all a LITTLE dog... enjoy the putt putt around the neighborhood...
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