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Default Re: Prepping for the 1st build

There's a picture, can't really see it with the flash though but there was a fair amount.
That's good to hear about the paint though, Just gotta stuff the holes and paint away!

I did pull the cylinder because I thought it was part of the head. Took me foreverrrr to get it back on because I didn't realize there were those little groove things that the piston rings are supposed to be ligned up with before you can squeeze it down. Got it done succesfully though and cleaned it.
Turns out my bike is far to small. I figured it would be. It's a "small" frame and me being 6'1" I really need a bigger one. I may take this oppurtunity to paint it the way I want and replace parts and things before running the motor. I find it odd that the crank and piston look to be of a decent quality. Shiny machined metal, but the rest is shoddy chipped up aluminum.

This is the thread I'm using as I go now:
Won't be a schwinn though anymore I guess. Fiddle sticks. Hopefully I find a good bike soon. Not ready to slap 300 bucks down for the trek 820 in the middle of winter.
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