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Default officially done with chain tensioner

it seems like ever since i got this thing it has been one problem after another, and it all has to do with either the chain or the tensioner.. and after bolting the tensioner directly to the frame i had no problems with it for a week... then yesterday on my way to work the tensioner got bent down into my spokes at 30mph, not only ripping out 3 spokes but locking up my back tire and throwing me into the middle of the highway to almost get hit by a car.. now hoping that nothing is wrong with my motor after the crash, i am going to pull the tensioner off and take a link off the chain and run it without it..i have done the measurements and my chainstay has enough clearance and the chain should stay plenty snug without the stupid thing.... alot of you have told me before just to get rid of it and i have heard both arguments..but from what i can tell it is all around safer to just not have it then it is to try to run with it anymore
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