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Default Re: Warning to All! - Everyone look at this!

Admins, considering the nature of machinery, from the supply soruce to manufacturer to the end users perhaps we should have a thread here for posting heads up's. Those of us who have been around aviation know what "AD Notes" (air worthyness directive notes) are and why they exist.

Since I've been here I've seen several reports of malfunctioning parts. There could be alot of reasons for it. But in the greater scheme of things when business and industry want inspections, regulations, and other consumer safegards abolished in order for the "free market" to resolve all problems
we see this more and more frequently.

I don't know how well organized quality control is in China, thruout their supply chain. The Japanese learned their lessons after WW2. But we're all taking alot here on faith whether we can even speak a common language...other than money.

Item: When I was in business school I had to study the history of the British and American Industrial revolution. It seemed that the American Industrial Revolution exceded the Brit's and several reasons were given for it. But of those reasons one was offered by the German Sociologist named Max Wertheimer. He claimed that the American Industrial Revolution was what it became because of "Protestant Ethic". What he ment was that doing one's job in America was tied to their spiritual faith and to allow their work to be any less than the quality it was expected to be was to be in "sin". I don't know if the Chinese have any point of view like this or not now that they are in their Industrial Revolution. Or if it's only about money and production quotas and let the buyer beware.

I've for years listened to machinist and welders lament the low grades of Asian metal used to make some of the products brought to them to repair.
So that's why I make this suggestion about having a thread to address problems in makes, models, sizes, styles, & series of these units that may serve distributors, resellers, and end users.

I also urge everyone here who is into reading about the Chinese Industrial Revolution to consider this book from their public library: China Shakes the World: A Titan's Rise and Troubled Future -- and the Challenge for America: James Kynge: Books

I especially urge those considering importing directly from China themselves to cover the information regarding the corruption there before proceding on their own. The writer of this book is one of the best quaified to write such a book about China.

If a supplier was short on an order of studs and wanted to make the sell they may be inclined to ship some lesser grade studs to make up the order, and any failures be explained as an occasional random breakdown. But having a place where owners inform each other may be one way to protect owners and keep suppliers informed and manufacturers in line.

Just offering this as a thought.
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