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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by vincent713 View Post
I had the same problem with my flooded carb, what you have to do is take the bowl underneath out and bend the 2 metal "C" looking clip that controls the flow of gas into the bowl. Bend it upward ever so slightly, put everything back together and that should solve your flooding issue.
Thanks. that is one solution I have been afraid to try.

I have done these things:

Make sure the C clip (I guess that's it's official name now) is installed right-side-up. So that the pencil stub looking valve is hooked into the C clip, not just resting on top of it.

Make sure there is no obstruction (any speck will be enough to make it stick open or shut)

AND (this is a big one)

I let the carb lean about 30 degrees to the right. For some reason I am getting much worst mileage (about 60 mpg) and getting a much higher top speed.
I will not pretend to understand why but I'm gonna go with it.

If anyone has an explanation I am all ears.
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