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Default Re: First Build Thread - BTR Inspired Cruiser

I swear, it's always two steps forward and at least one back.

I ran around running errands on Friday and managed to get a piece of steel welded to one of the shoulder bolts of my new Monark Fork. This will allow me to mount it to my Worksman Drum Brake wheel. Sadly, the welder was not the best craftsman and he managed to melt the Teflon out of the locking bolt (which he had used to anchor the bolt for the weld and melted some of the metal on the head of the bolt. Fortunately, nothing that affects function and a trip to the hardware store and I am back in business.

I get home and decided to dry mount the fork to see if I was all set to mount the fork and the wheel for real. My first realization was the supplied headset was not right for my frame as the set races were (I think 1 1/" to my 1"). This was easily deal as the rest is interchangeable and I reused my old races. All set, right? **** no - the steerer tube is way too long. That's ok, because I can tighten down the threaded race and cut the top off with my cutoff wheel. NOT - the threaded portion of the steerer tube is not long enough to thread the threaded race far enough down. So, it's new fork or new frame time... BAH HUMBUG!

Today my new trransmission arrived, so I am goint to mount the old fork with my ghetto brake arm clamp, swap out the tranny and God willing drive around my cul de sac in the dark a few times...

fingers crossed!
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