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Default Re: Prepping for the 1st build

It seems the results are in.... LOL
Looks like everyone thinks it's a good idea to take a peak under the head...
Again, were just talking the head here, only the top part of the cylinder. (Sometimes people mistakenly assume the cylinder is all one piece) If you lift the actual cylinder up above the rings you a have a little more work to put it back together (carefully getting the cylinder back over the rings), if you just pull the head all you have is the four cap nuts to worry about.
I had just sent an email to Don Grubee to see when the SuperRat and StarFire motors might be available in the USA (he said not till mid next year btw), I think I will shoot off another email to him now and let him know how common finding debris in his motors seems to be. I had given him some feedback on the CNS carb and other parts in his 2011 kits which he seems to have taken to heart from looking at what comes in the new kits...

PS The reason I am interested in the StarFire, it is reputed to be made in the better of the two motor factories in China, and is also supposed to have a steel lined cylinder head. The SuperRat is supposed to have better bearings and seals than the regular GT-5, though not many of them have made it across the pond so far. Speculation of problems with the motor abound, but I think it is merely the CNS carb that is the issue with the SR. I got the CNS on my GT-5 and had all the same issues I read about with the SR, I was able to tune my CNS and get rid of the problems so I think the same could be done with a SuperRat (if you could find one).....
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