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Default Re: New Guy From Mountains of N.C.

Thanks mark, just an update. This is weird, I don't remember reading on this forum before about this but here goes. Both needle bearings for the piston pin and con rod pin appear to be in fine shape! The trouble still seems to be in the main crankshaft roller bearings on each end.

Even with the jug off the piston, the engine remains very hard to turn over, even using a wrench on the magneto shaft to turn it! Unless somehow the crank has warped out of round, I don't see any other reason it should be so difficult to turn over.

I know it's not in the clutch shaft, it still turns freely when the clutch is disengaged. Gotta be in the bottom end.

Oh well, it's all good. It won't hurt me to peddle a while longer anyway (need to lose a few #) But I am going to do a full post mortum, to see what's up. I have a clutch puller on the way, as well as a whole new engine. At the very least I hope to have at least ONE good engine from the two, well see!!

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