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Default Re: GT2-A frame

This is the aluminum version of their GT-2 frame, which has been out for a few years in steel. I have one of the steel frame GT-2's and have been very pleased with it. There are really only two things I don't like about the GT2, and they're not strong dislikes, just minor points off.

1) The fuel hole is small. Using a funnel is required unless you don't mind spilling a little gas. Perhaps the GT-2A corrects this, but I doubt it.
2) The frame is a little on the short and tall side I'm 6'2 and always feel like I am sitting higher and further forward than I would like. I have a setback seat post on it now though and that seems to correct the problem.

I'd consider getting one of these frames to replace the one I have it it wasn't for the cost. $300 is more than you'd pay for a GT-2 steel COMPLETE BIKE. Perhaps it's worth it but...well...if it ain't broke...

For comparison, here's a link to my GT-2...
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