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Default Re: Warning to All! - Everyone look at this!

Originally Posted by lestat101 View Post
Your only as safe as the next guy. What I mean by that is do you wear a seat belt in you car? Even if you do that alone does not protect you from the person speeding through an intersection? If your wear a bicycle helmet then your as safe as your going to get. Just because hardware can fail on these motors, doesn't mean they are going to kill you. Live every day as if it is gift.

This is how I feel, you are "very" entitled to do what you want in life! There is danger in every aspect in life take what you are willing to live with.
I agree life is very short and whatever power is out there will take when it's your time you can get killed doing any thing but that will not stop me from living life do whatever makes you happy!

My mother drooped dead at 39 at work brain hemorrhage cased by fatal leukemia she had a full blood work up two weeks before that and nothing turned up.

so since I have been 16 I value wach day as a gift!
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