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Default Re: New Guy From Mountains of N.C.

Ha ha^^ Im sure Asheville pd would love to watch us do that! Sadly I have some bad news to relay. I'm afraid my HT with less than 5 miles under it's belt has gone south. At least the bottom end. I went for my ride yesterday, and I notice after the first block it started to run worse and worse, losing even MORE power.

It was then I heard what sounded like a metallic snap, or clink. Then a few seconds later it did it again. After that it just died. I pulled over thinking It may just be the chain bunching up, but no evidence that happened. So I thought oh well I'll try again. It was then I noticed that the effort to pedal had increased greatly, and she just didn't want to fire up again.

And then at that point the rear wheel locked up!! Even peddling to assist, the engine would not turn over at all. the tire would just skid when letting out the clutch. So got it home pulled the head, the top end looked in good shape with a good layer of oil/lubrication in there. I did manage to get it turning over again by hand, but there is still MUCH resistance in trying to turn it over, so much so that It started bending the spark plug tool trying to turn it over!!

So, guess I am back to square one, I am thinking it may be the bearings, maybe the crank or piston pin? My kit didn't include the clutch/crank puller in it, so Ill have to order this as well! Don't know if I should just order bearings at this point, or just a complete bottom end.

p.s, sorry to hijack your thread.
Peace, James
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