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Default Re: Prepping for the 1st build

Originally Posted by Rocky_Motor View Post
Thanks for the tips guys! Tomorrow is the exciting day.

I'd rather not take the head off since I don't have replacement parts for it... Do you feel it is imperative that I do so to inspect the cylinder?

I could always take it off at a later date and replace the bolts and gasket for it.
It's only imperative if there is something wrong in there! LOL
Some have reported metal shavings and general garbage in their motors which gouge the head and cause a quick death to the motor, that you can't fix later. Then again, I didn't pull mine and it worked out alright, but when I pulled the head after about 500 miles I noticed it was kinda screwed up. It is mounted off center cause a stud hole in the head is off center, one side barely had any mating surface and was bound to fail prematurely. Simply fix, widen the hole a tad. At any rate, pulling the had is pretty simple if you decide to do it, as long as the studs stay put I guess.... The whole cylinder can stay in place and just the top (head) comes off.
It's a crap shoot really, could work out fine, could be ripping it open soon saying "there's yer problem!" if you just fire it right up. I think most repeat and experienced builders like to at least peak inside the head before they run a new motor.....

PS Side note on one of my Grubee's. When I pulled the head the piston was gouged up, but the cylinder was not. Some of the gouges in the piston went through the ring slots, so the rings and cylinder were obviously new. Seems like a motor that was fired up with debris in the head and died, returned and the top end was rebuilt and sold to me. (though it was in a sealed Grubee box)
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