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Default Re: Warning to All! - Everyone look at this!

Originally Posted by MrLarkins View Post
i sheared two studs, but not at the same time. I stopped safely as well, then replaced the studs with american made all-threads. Sorry to here you are giving up on these fun little machines. But keep in mind, we are not all here b/c of a cheap transportation. A lot of us are here for the pure enjoyment of tinkering and the enjoyment of those onlookers.
You get the MrLarkins patented "ok".
I, too, have replaced a lot of the hardware with higher quality parts, but I'm at the point that I have to wonder when is enough, enough? The whole thing is so cheesy, it could just come apart at the seams at any time. This isn't a video game. When you're doing 30 mph on a bicycle, you'd better be sure you have the best quality machine you can get between you and the pavement. Riding something that you know is of such poor construction, is bordering on suicidal.
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