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Default Re: Prepping for the 1st build

Originally Posted by Ibedayank View Post
if you want to peddle for any length of time just pull the motor chain off
use masterlink in the chain
do the clutch roller mod..or buy one from alfisherman
with this its MUCH easier to pull in the clutch
I dunno. I never had any significant drag from the chain with the clutch pulled in nor was my clutch any hard to pull in. With a quality chain, those are usually things that you find out if you need them or not after you put the thing together - If I really wanted to pedal long distance, I'd use my lighter non-motorized bike anyway but for 2-3 miles the chain drag wasn't too big a deal. Also, if you buy any length of 10 foot chain it usually comes with a master-link, but they sometimes sell those at local hardware stores as well as half-links to make your chain as pre-tensioned as possible before you add a chain tensioner. Had no trouble finding bits of 41 roller chain, at least, which is what I personally used because the side to side space gives a bit of leeway.

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