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Default Re: New Guy From Mountains of N.C.

Well Mark that's interesting, Because we seem to be on the same page as well! Took mine out for it's maiden run in yesterday. And the symptoms you describe are like a mirror image of my own! I played with the needle position, didn't really seem to make much difference when I would move it up OR down, but seems slightly better in the middle position. Our oil is a little different, I am running opti-2, but for my first gallon, I mixed it slightly richer at 80-1 verses the usual 100-1.

My only currant hunch is, maybe it's low on compression? ( need to get a tester ) Or could it be that these motors have a HUGE difference between new, and fully broken in? I am going to run it again today, this time going to the store, to see whats up. That is after torquing the head bolts, and carb, and other fasteners, I also noticed that everything seems to loosen up, even WITHOUT running the motor! She is very maintenancey, ( is that a word?) oh well, I guess I will have to live up to my namesake!

If someone with a little more knowlege about what's normal pre break in character of theses engines would chime in, would be muchly apprieciated!!!

Peace, James

Edit, I also have a 41 tooth rear, weigh 225 lbs. And I do think the intake is well sealed. I used Norms method of silicon on intake tube, and new thicker manifold gasket on intake side. This is a BGF kit.

PSS, spark plug color is a nice battleship gray (B5HS), normal good color for running opti-2, from what Im told....

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