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Hi, as a scooter enthusiast, I know a bit about these engines. First of all, they are scooter engines and thus I highly doubt that the handling will be good if you customize a bike frame on it. Also, keep in mind that these GY6 engines are four-stroke so they don't have as much power (50cc vs 50cc) as let's say.. a minarelli horizontal engine found in Yamaha BWS (Zuma in USA). Also, the 150cc version is a little less powerful as an aftermarket 70cc. I personally own a BWS with a 70cc kit and a motorised bicycle and so I can tell you that you do not want that much power on a bicycle frame especially if you're not 100% sure about your brakes. In many countries laws for scooters of 50cc or under are not the same as the laws for bigger motorcycle. In the end, I think you do not really understand how big and powerful these engines can be and how that would make it hard on the frame (what about suspension) and dangerous.
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