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Default Prepping for the 1st build

Hey guys, this is my last thread to list everything I have gotten to try and make this installation go as smoothly as possible this weekend

I got a flying horse 66cc from bikeberry.
What I also got to make everything work as well as I can:

Lithium grease
Blue threadlocker
2 stroke oil
black zip ties
An engine hardware kit from SBP that has all the nuts and bolts to replace the bad ones that are come with the china girl. Excluding Head nuts since I don't know the size of it.
An exhaust gasket from SBP to replace the bad chinese one.
and a fuel filter

And a universal mount from bikeberry but I should have gotten it from SBP. That's okay though I'm sure I can make it work.

I am very excited for this, but want to use this thread as my last preparation for it. You could say I really want this to work..

I've read through a lot of things and learned a lot from the community so far. I certainly hope I don't have to take the motor entirely apart. As far as I can tell, a lot of people have success with the motor running though, and primarily have chain issues if they don't have a jackshaft. I'll be using a 415 chain. Don't got a chain breaker but have a dremel and have read how to use that to "break" it.

In the future I plan on buying thatsdax's titan 2 stroke motor. It's not to expensive and looks to be much more reliable and better built than a china girl.

So I do believe my last two questions are this,
1) If I don't have a jackshaft and I want to pedal the bike around without the motor (clutch disengaged and everything) Will I run into a lot of resistance and noise?

2) I was reading about putting tape or zip ties where the spokes cross just above the HUB before putting on the sprocket. Should I do that? What's the purpose of it?
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