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Default Re: How Do I Install An Oil Dispenser Inside A Gas Tank

How would you store oil in the line while it is being used as a sight gauge?
If the bottom of the storage line enters the fuel tank at the bottom of the fuel tank you will not be able to get the full amount of stored oil into the fuel tank unless the fuel tank is completely empty. If there is any fuel in the tank when both valves are opened some oil may flow into the tank, but it will stop when the liquid level in the tank and the liquid level on the storage tube reach an equal level to each other, just like what happens when a sight tube is employed to gauge the volume of fuel in the tank.

My 2 cents worth:
You would be better off having your storage tube enter the tank from the top as originally intended, and have a separate tube installed as a sight tube for a fuel gauge.
Connect the sight tube between a fitting attached to the top of the tank and another fitting attached to the bottom of the tank. I would not recommend using a tee fitting attached to a single entrance at the top of the tank to be uses as a dual purpose device for both a sight tube and storage tube entrance as when you open the the storage tube to add oil to the tank some of the oil will most likely enter the sight tube as well and you will play he!! trying to get the gasoline to quickly mix with what does enter the sight tube and spoil your oil ratio in the fuel tank.
Use separate entrances in the top of the tank for each tube.
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