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Default Re: Motorized Bike Lurching a Bit

There is 101 ways these bikes will lurch We've covered 5 or 6 reasons. You all have good inputs on reasons why. Running out of fuel or starvation at high rpm will do it and so will too low of rpm cruising. Spark can cause it but I'm still stubborn and running the stock plug. I changed the plug wire out to an industrial wire which for me didn't improve my problem one bit it turned out to be my stock plug getting fowled out. I blast cleaned the plug and I'm still using it with no problems. High rpm and the lurching for me was not having the fuel valve on all the way. I know that's what got Bob as well. A short in the wiring will do it and can be hard to find. Run your hand over the wires while its running if you think it might be the cause. You will know if it is cause you'll get lit up if you've got just one strand of the wire sticking out and touching the frame now and them. I found that out, that thing will bite!
Wet climates will short out the kill switch and wet wiring can cause it as well.
Anyone else got one?
Here's my last if you buy one of these engine kits it can and will do all sorts of hateful thing if you let your guard down. But that is sort of the fun isn't it?!
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