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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Ditto... IMO 1/4" rubber mount will do you no good, and possibly create many probs from the power unit floating around in the frame!
Perhaps a swatch of 1/16" garlock where the engine bears against the downtube *might* not be a bad idea...

...inch lb torque wrench isn't gonna be of much value for auto maintenance...

I can guarantee you'll NOT get 2k miles without constant maintenance and at least minor repair. What we hope for is to avoid *major* repair for the longest period of time!
Some folks have done really well !

...if you wish to cart the motorized bicycle in a vehicle, there should not be much smell.
Drain the tank and let the carb run dry... there will be less than an ounce left.
If you are sensitive, maybe wrap a towel around the motor unit before loading into the vehicle???

sounds like you are having fun already!
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