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I've had a few bikes, including 2 of the above mentioned Kawasaki triples. Neither of them were reliable, only one made it to 3000 miles. I've been tough on stuff, ran 'em hard.
Raced carts, bikes, and much modified fuel burning outboards, and I've never considered any 2-stroke to be as reliable as a 4 stroke. The however is that I have a Honda powered Straight bar Schwinn, a Honda powered Felt, a Solex clone on my mom's old Schwinn Hollywood, and a Tanaka/Staton/MTB. My first motorbike was a Travis, sold out of the back of Pop' Science or Pop' Mechanics in the '50s. Powerproduct's engine. Stuck it twice, and suffered catostrophic crankcase failure when the rod exited.
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