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Default newbie first motorized bicycle build, wisdom sought :-)

I've decided to make my first motorized bicycle build in January. Been fascinated with this for some time, and I think I'm ready! I wanted to come on this forum and get some feedback from experienced builders on an idea or two. I'm 6'2", 215lbs. I want to use a 35cc motor, pref the Honda gx35 or similar on an Electra or similar cruiser bike. My bike requirements are:
1. Ease of use and maintenance. The China 2-strokes look good, but I don't know if I have enough time to work on them. I want to ride 98% and work on it 2% :-).
2. Must cruise comfortably motor-only at 20-25mph on flat ground. If it can hit 30, fine, but cruising speed and torque are more important. I don't mind pedal-assisting uphill or to get more speed in traffic.
3. Easy set-up. I don't have the equipment or cash to custom fabricate or weld. Anything I buy either in kit or parts I have to be able to set up with common around the house tools. I have a bit of technical skill, but not a ton.

I'm leaning heavily (98%) towards the ThatsDax friction drive kit with their Titan 35cc (or a GX-35). Seems to be a solid kit and from what I read here, TD had a great reputation.

I had two other thoughts that I'd love feedback on:
1. Rear-mount rack from here Rear Engine Mount , GX35, EZM Q-Matic transmission chain drive to cog on rear wheel. Or,
2. Same setup but use the 4g belt system from this same site, attached to the GX35.

Any thoughts, anything I'm missing or can't do, etc., would be appreciated. Thanks!
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