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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Gosh, these engines make me nervous! I'm really just hoping that I can get a year or two out of it (2000 miles or more hopefully) Simply so that I can get into the hobby without being majorly demotivated by things not working. After I have things going and it gets warmer, I am definitely planning on upgrading the engine to something that is not a C.G. motor as well as getting a shift kit.

I'll look at picking up that torque wrench. I've definately been wanting to buy one to do some preventative maintenance on my car. I just love doing mechanic things!

So I got some rubber to put in the frame mounts in my bike. My idea behind that is to prevent the aluminum frame from being damaged and also reducing vibration. It was a foot^2 sheet, 1/4" thick. Says it is good up to 250farenheit and abrasion resistant, as well as oil/gas resistant (I guess from erosion from the acidic content). Sounds good to me!
I can't decide if I should put the engine on the 2005 avalanche 2.0 (I plan on buying it today either for riding as a bike or using the motor on) or my old schwinn which it may not fit into. The problem with the avalanche is I think that it has one of those weird down tubes that is kindu flat and wide. Not the usual round tube. Also has a rear disc brake but that's fine I'll get a V-brake till I get the shift kit in the spring time.

Aah fun times just wish I had a warmer place to work on it. Cursed dorm rooms and colorado winter. Maybe if it doesn't stink a car up to bad I could bring it down to my house during the weekend to work on it in the garage.
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