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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Rocky, glad to see you have passed on the A-B epoxy product ! Whew!
...THAT was certainly NOT what you wanted to use! :-)

LocTite and Permatex both make thread adhesive products. Don't you have a NAPA auto parts house there in Ft Collins?
I use online vendors frequently, but a good, local auto parts counter person can be very helpful when in doubt about things.

As a rule, I advise against taking something apart that is running well.
Not good to mess with things that are working!
Dis-assembly can strip threads, especially with steel bolts in aluminum cases.

We are battling significant quality control issues here, that may become more apparent when you go taking things apart.

For example: If tolerances were shabby when a cylinder bolt was, perhaps, over-torqued in the initial factory build, it would hold forever, for the useful life of the engine... and never cause a problem other than maybe stretching, and requiring a re-torque of the cylinder head nuts in use on the top end of that stud. The problem 'could' arise when removing that stud from the case.
There are poor engineering practices with many of these chinagirl engines... the metallurgy is suspect, and many drilled/tapped holes are 'very' close to the edge of the case making repair very difficult.

What I'm saying, in short, is to be cautious when dis-assembling the engine so problems are not created where there were none evident before.

I don't personally use thread locker products very often, unless a problem has occurred with a particular engine.
I do use anti-seize thread compounds frequently, especially when working with aluminum components.

As advised elsewhere, a 3/8 drive inch/lbs/nm torque wrench is a good idea, especially since they can be purchased inexpensively.

Good luck
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