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Default M10x1.25mm flange nut from 3-piece wide pedal crank kit

I forgot to threadlock the flange nut that holds the pedal arm to the wide crank from the 3-piece wide pedal crank set and lost the nut while riding. For some reason, I am having a hard time finding replacement M10x1.25mm flange nuts online or in my local ace hardware. Online place either straight up don't carry this size (only have the 1.50mm pitch size), or they are out of stock, not to mention most places have minimum bulk order requirements. Using a standard M10 nut doesn't work, because I can't fit a socket into the recessed hole of the pedal arm to tighten it down. Not sure why this particular nut is such a rare find and why they just had to use such an odd size nut for the 3 piece wide pedal crank kit...
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