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Default Re: help: 2stroke oil - too much or not enough? new to 2strokes

[QUOTE=Merlin;34653]Hi all,

It's a noisy ***** though - you can't hear the exhaust noise over the chain, gear and a high pitch ringing sound from the top end [I think]. Maybe it's the piston knocking? I don't know. Do they get quieter after they're run in?

Yes, all normal there.

anyway, I'm off track.

What are the consequences if you get the mix wrong?
I guess if have not enough oil you will kill the motor, especially when it's new.
But what about if you have too much? Just as bad?

Nearly, but different...too much oil will stick rings (really bad) build up carbon very quickly and foul plugs. It will also affect your fuel/air mix- too much oil makes a LEANER mixture and that's not a good thing.
Not enough oil and grindy grindy krunch kaboom ensues. 16:1 is rediculously rich in oil....go to 24:1.

What about after it's run in - is it better to run a bit extra oil for safety?
Or is there a performance hit for having too much oil in the mix?

Don't do it, it serves no purpose.

The other thing I'm wondering about is:
How do you guys who ride these things every day handle the practicalities of refueling? Do you carry some oil with you and add it in when you stop at the petrol station? How do you figure the correct amount to put in if you don't know how much the little tank is going to take? Or do you keep your fuel premixed at home, and fill up before each trip?

I keep fuel premixed at can go 70 miles on a tank, no problem.[/QUOTE]

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