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Default Re: can anyone help me id this bike?

No I really doubt that it could even be '60's unless at the beginning- the serial number could indicate 1964- but it is then very retro for then- they had gone to a little lighter design and more swept by then and 26 x 1.75 tires-

The tires here look like 1.75 but then the wide fenders look like they may be designed to at least accomodate a 2.25- The chain guard is a little clunky, and something they scaled down a lot later.

I'm still thinking mid to later '50's - even earlier, but they could have made that design and/or sold stock for awhile- This is not sonmething you'd have seen new anywhere in the '70s.

Don't think it's AMF- They raced those in the Little 500 before my time and I never saw a frame like that.

Columbia maybe with the stars and sheild. I had a 20" JC Higgins that may have had a sheild likethat before it got repainted.

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